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Photos Of Father ‘Breastfeeding’ His Daughter In His Wife’s Absence Go Viral Online

A man has been spotted on camera ‘breastfeeding’ his daughter after his wife disappeared from home to do some work.

The man “breastfed”his daughter

A father has revealed what he did when he had to babysit his daughter at home when his wife left the house for work.

The man, identified as Anthony Favors, shared the story on Facebook. According to him, his wife was away and his daughter didn’t want him because he didn’t have breast milk, so he did something creative to attract her.

He revealed that he cut a hole in his shirt and stuck out the tip of the girl’s feeding bottle to make it look like it was his breast. That way, his daughter was able to feed.

The man’s post has since gone viral with many people applauding him for the effort.

In his post, he wrote: “Wife was working and my daughter didn’t want me because I didn’t have breast milk so I tricked her lil ass cut a hole in my shirt lol  #KingFavorsFlavors #BeautèFavors”


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